Past Engagements led by Triad Capital’s Principal


Holding company with subsidiaries in the commercial restoration, door and hardware, and cabinet manufacturing industries (public)

Airport runway restoration and maintenance and resurfacing


Digital Media content for Cable and Satellite programming

Graphics and video editing card distribution company (public)

Music and video on-demand service company (public)

Independent record label company (private)


SaaS FinTech USA issuer of debit, payroll and gift cards with a cash reload network (public)

SEC Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm

An international SaaS FinTech credit and debit card developer


Divestiture and acquisition of an International European public company software tools subsidiary

Advisory for a management buy-out of an international cell tower engineering firm

Advisory to a software analytics company for the telecommunications industry

Prepaid calling card carrier and network (public)

Prepaid calling card network (private)


Multi-modality diagnostic imaging centers (private)

Biopharmaceutical company with anti-bacterial and anti-viral products (private)


International law enforcement forensic software company

Compliance and Risk Management company

International mobile gaming application and platform

Broadband and online entertainment company (public)

Computer storage company (public)

Computer peripheral manufacturing and distribution company (private)

Import and Distribution of computer peripherals

Game Software development company

Advance earthquake warning system product company (private)

Online auction company (public)

Japanese electronic distribution companies (public and private)

A USA-based provider of managed green energy electrical power solutions to operators of off-grid and poor-grid cell towers globally

An international European alternative energy management and development company


Green water based Chemical cleaning company

Online travel and reservations company (private)

Custom motorcycle manufacturing (private)

Golf course and golf supplies holding company (public)

Restructure of resort golf course (private)